Emergency Inbound Calls With Android

Calls from my significant other can range from “Just wanted to tell that I love you” (ain’t she sweet) to “THE CAR DOSEN’T START WHAT DO I DO!?!“.

I’m worried about missing a phone call from her. It could be an emergency. I could be in a meeting. My phone could be on mute. I could not be in the vicinity of my phone.

We agreed on the following: “If you call me twice in a row, I will always pickup your second call.” However, this assumes that I even hear the first call, which might not be the case depending on the above.


The awesome Tasker app is widely regarded as the best tool to automate such scenarios on Android devices. I used it to create the following project:

  • You can select multiple “VIP numbers”. Those VIPs will be allowed to trigger the emergency ring.
  • If a VIP calls twice in a certain amount of time (60 seconds by default) after the first call is missed, the phone will ring a different sound at maximum volume regardless of its silent state.
  • If you miss the second call, the phone will continue ringing until you call back or dismiss the emergency.

Here is exactly what it does:

Requires a flowchart to understand what it does.


  1. Download emergency-ring.mp3 (or rename your own) and put it in your root directory. I like this one because of its screeching sound.
  2. Download VIP.prj.xml on your phone and import it in Tasker
  3. Change the variables to your liking:
    • %TIMEWINDOW: the amount of seconds to listen for a second call (I suggest 60 seconds)
    • %VIP: Phone numbers of the people that are allowed to trigger the emergency ring (separate with “/”)


This is what I love about Android. There’s always a way to tailor it and make it yours. 

Moreover, it’s on Github so fell free to fork this gist. This will hopefully be of use for some of you.

Comments and pull requests welcome.